Counseling for Attorneys & Other Professionals


The Lawyer's Counselor

I have been counseling judges, attorneys and law students since 2011. I have been practicing law since 1997. I know what lawyers deal with on a daily basis. Let me help you navigate the pitfalls I have seen and experienced.

Depression & Suicide

Attorneys are one of the professional groups most at-risk for suicide and depression. Loss of any life due to suicide is not acceptable. Counseling can lower that risk. Depression can result in malpractice, lowered competence and costs you and your firm money. 

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

More than 33% of attorneys have abused alcohol during their career. Stimulants like cocaine are used to keep up with workload. Drug abuse and addiction can ruin careers, families and individuals. If there is even a small possibility that alcohol or drugs is becoming an issue, then counseling or coaching is a necessary investment in yourself or your firm.

Law Students and Newer Associates

The stress of law school is intense. The right frame of mind can give you an advantage. Being a new associate has its perils and promises. Learn how to direct your energies and focus your career though the investment of counseling. 

Isolation of Sole-Practitioners

Not all lawyers start or finish in firms. Isolation and a lack of peer review and consultation can lead to poor decision-making, malpractice or loss of licensure. 

Civility in Practice

Are you seeing more vitriol in emails, pleadings or other communications? Are your adversaries attacking you personally as opposed to your client's position? Are you "reacting" or "responding" to these incivilities? Or are you perpetrating them? Let me show you how reframing such attacks from other attorneys (or clients) can make the practice of law less painful and more rewarding.